Morally Correct and Psychologically Stable

Morally Correct and Psychologically Stable by cherryroad
“I think you’re missing one very important bit here.” Edward gestures for him to go on. “I’m not your therapist.”

I think it’s those types line in this fic got me fawning over. (And the fact that its Edward/Jacob and I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t seem to find much and treasure what little is out there. Maybe I’m just comparing it to how much Draco/Harry there are to Edward/Jacob and that’s hardly fair considering the time it had to make the fandom… Anyway…) The fic is done mostly in Edward’s perspective but does not have the ‘Edward’ness from the books. Nonetheless, it is very enjoyable. There are some lines that just work really well and made me think: oh god, that was really clever. Like the canon, I can’t help but especially love Jacob’s lines.

[Edward/Jacob][One-shot][soft R][~1300 words][COMPLETED]